NCIDQ Exam this spring

Members interested in completing the North-American Interior Design Qualification Exam (NCIDQ) are invited to contact the Association to be added to our list.  The deadline for registration to the Exam without a penalty is February 10th. The closing date for registration (with a penalty) is February 17th. Provisional members (1,2 and 3) can apply for the first part of the exam while provisional members (4 and regular) can do the three parts.

The exam will take place early April and is divided in three parts: the first and second segments are multiple choice questions while the third part is a practicum exam.

  • The first and second segments of the Exam will take place from April 14th to 23rd 2016.
  • The third segment will be held April 2nd 2016.

The successful completion of the exam allows candidates to become certified members and bear the registered title Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® as well as being recognized as a qualified interior design across North-America.

Let us know if you wish to take the Exam at: