Profession Defense Fund

Profession Defense Fund

Our objectives

The Association of Professional Interior Designers of Quebec (APIDQ) is a community that was founded in 1935 which now represents nearly 900 active members. The APIDQ’s mandate is defend interior designers’ interests and to have our profession officially recognized.

The APDIQ is presently working with the governmental authorities with the objective of creating a recognized professional regulatory body for interior designers in Quebec. The recent bill modification project has given us an opportunity of getting heard. Since 2013, we’ve consolidated our work with a strong team of employees and a dynamic board of directors, both working hard to reach our goal. The APDIQ has constantly and relentlessly been doing representations with the ministers of Justice, responsible for the professions bills or acts, succeeding each other (under different governments), as well as with the Office of Professions of Quebec, to intercede in our favour. APDIQ also maintains a close and cordial relationship with the Architects Order of Quebec.

Lets not forget that two new professional Orders (sexologists and criminologists) where created in the last 12 months, giving us hope in believing that the government may be open to the creations of other Orders.


A great number of designers, practicing professionals in Quebec, voluntarily decide to become members of APDIQ. They choose to respect the Code of Ethics which upholds professionalism, rigour, ethics and competency as best practices in interior design. In exchange, members of APDIQ are authorized to hold the title Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® and benefit from the professional recognition to which it is associated.

However, interior design is not a regulated profession in the sense meant by the Code of Professions, ans so anyone can improvise itself or call itself an interior designer without having the competencies and education required by the profession.

Despite its efforts, APDIQ is limited in its capacity to adequately regulate the interior design practice, because its rules and by-laws don’t have the power of the law, and it is not mandatory to be a member of APDIQ to practice interior design in Quebec.

The reality

With our will to ensure the public’s safety in regards of the risk that represents the activities directly linked to interior design, the APDIQ is presently approaching governmental authorities to push for the creation of a form of professional regulating body in Quebec for interior designers. This regulatory body would allow for a better control to access the profession et l’adoption d’une règlementation plus efficace pour le maintien et le développement de notre profession. However, the process of recognition is long. The APDIQ has to maintain its efforts and those of its advisers to achieve its goal: that the government accepts the setting up of a professional regulatory frame for the interior design discipline.

Fundraiser 2016

Objective: $12000

Objectives 2015 reached!

The APDIQ wishes to thank the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) for its generous contribution of 3000,00$ to the fund, as well as its members and industry partners who raised over 10 000$ !

Our needs

We wouldn’t be able to make this happen without your support, moral and financial. Your contribution will help us build our fund, allowing us to double our efforts in the steps taken towards the recognition of our profession.

What you can do?

A simple voluntary contribution of $10, $20, $40, $80, $100 or more! make a personal contribution, under your firm’s name or through a group. Send us your contribution :

by check: to APDIQ, 420 rue McGill, bureau 406, Montréal (QC) H2Y 2G1

by bank transfer: (Desjardins, BMO, banque Scotia, banque Nationale)

by credit card: via le site de don Yoyomolo

You wish to participate more actively?

1. Encourage other membres to contribute!
2. Create a team on Yoyomolo and together, decide of an objective and help us surpass ours!